You can go home from work right now IF (the thirdening)

you put one object that’s currently within arm’s reach up your bum and leave it there until you get home.

  • Yeah alright
  • Fuck no
  • Sorry, what’s the downside supposed to be?

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If you choose “Yeah alright”, you should specify the object to be used.

Actually I’m looking around. These’s not much appropriately small and streamlined…

Just answer the question.

We’re talking right up the bum, correct? So, resting an IKEA pencil my arse cheeks wouldn’t do?

can I go somewhere private to insert said object


Permission granted.

yes then


Desk fan.

got a 3.5mm to 6.35mm jack converter I reckon I could pop up there without much discomfort, can I wrap it in clingflim to ensure safe passage home?

Up the hole or just resting in the crack?

Are you planning to do this to get sent home?

My mum used to work on A&E reception when I was a kid. She has many stories of panic stricken patients coming in with household objects jammed in their arse. Best one was the guy who had an entire vase, and claimed he slipped.

I have a laughing cow triangle which could be coaxed into anal shape.

My colleague was given a 12-inch rubber dildo as a “hilarious” banter birthday present a while back.

Sorry, what was the question?

I prefer tables

Yeah, I’ll stay in work. Only 1h45m to go anyway.

You may, I don’t want to see any bumholes or equipment damaged.

really small friendly shaped usb right here’s looking pretty tempting