You can go home from work right now IF (the thirdening)

^ this

Ok I’ve got a thin hair bobble I could happily stuff up there.

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No, just out of boredom really.

They don’t allow flowers on hospital wards these days, do they?

you think if you got a penny up there there’s a chance you might never see it again?

Sadly I will not ask my mother for you.

Pen lid, easy.

oh well @theo ?

Right. I’ve got the telephone handset up there right now. Can I unplug it from the main unit?

That’s the risk with all the “discreet” choices here. @hip_young_gunslinger’s choice is probably the smartest.

yeah, eps. this is too easy. we need some kind of scale where the bigger the object, the more time off you get or something

Go stick a penny up your bum.

Random thought: If you pushed a whistle up your bum, would it make a noise when you farted?

[quote=“colon_closed_bracket, post:4, topic:10726, full:true”]
We’re talking right up the bum, correct? [/quote]

Lovely username/post combo

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I’d like (you) to try that with one of these

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Only if you can unplug it by walking away from the unit.

not if it was a dog whistle

I’ve got three spongey juggling/stress balls under my monitor. Most important question: do I still get paid for the rest of the day?

Also, potential poll upcoming, what do you call those? cause I had a problem googling them, don’t think I’ve ever heard a name for them

finally, the mask is slipping