You can go home from work right now IF

you tell your boss exactly what you think of them, with complete honesty, and have to live with the consequences.

You up for it?

  • Sure
  • Fuck no
  • Ham sandwich

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My boss is good so absolutely


My boss is amazing and the best so yeah i’m okay with that.

Joke’s on you, i’m unemployed.

Its loose loose for me as if I did that i would have to go home permanently anyway

Good one.

Yeah, deffo mate. My boss has been one of my all-time dogs for 17 years, this would be an extremely easy way to get a day off.

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It would be an awkward conversation at best.

i would be made to go home if i did

haw da,

thank fuck for nepotism eh?! i’m outta here!


I’m not even at workbook yet (start at 12).

working from home innit

can i go to the office if i tell my wife exactly what i think of her please?


I was thinking something similar the other day and was gonna make a thread.
How much would you pay to just go home right now and have a guilt free day (bares no relevance to your daily rate or need to work it out)
I’d happily chuck £30 right now to go home. It was £50 on monday.

Do I still get paid for the full day?

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Got a £50 gift voucher thing from work yesterday. I was going to donate it to charity, but if this is an option: £50



I have two deadlines today and I’d pay up to £50 to not have to deliver this work so I can take the rest of the day off. Got too much other shit to do to spend all day working

I work from home and like the people I work for, so this sounds fine really.

Today’s my Sunday.

Moreover, I do what I want.