You can leave now and have tomorrow off IF ...

you get up in front of your office and in your best jar jar impression go MEESA NO A FEEL LIKE WORKING NOW, COUNT ME OUTTA TOMORROW OKEEDAY? MEESA OFF A HOME NOW. BYE BYE!! and then waddle out of the door.

You have the weekend to recover, you may turn your phone off for the next three days.

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Can I wait until the work experience student is making a cup of tea or somey HANG ON THEY’VE JUST WALKED OUT Y

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My colleagues already call me a weirdo so hey ho, let’s go!


Already off so no

Please teach me how

Can’t stop reading this and giggling.

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To what? Be a weirdo? I don’t think I am really, they are just overreacting.

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Is it because you insist on taking Skype calls with your headset on your desk


Actually might need to do this, I’ve gone a bit wobbly and my attempts to get a sugar hit to help me run out the clock have been thwarted by a surprise switch to sugar free squash in the office kitchen.

Get it filmed on a phone and i’ll chuck in £100 spending money

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I’m WFH anyway at the mo, and have tomorrow booked off, so it’s a no from me.

£100 spending money though. If enough of us do it we can force eric into having to sell his third best Gamecube.

Right now I’m the only one in the house. Let’s just say that I’ve done it, and you give me the cash

I just bought a new gamecube game as well!

don’t be daft, there’s no such thing

I would love a £100 spending money

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u kno wot 2 do

I’m working late tonight so there’s no one else around, doing this in a heartbeat

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