You can only keep one. A Mert_Aksac thread.

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Bicycle man

Sir Chris Hoy can go. You prefer Light Bulbs, Maidstone and Sprite to Sir Chris Hoy

Damn right I do.

Bike dude

Bit concerned about anyone not saying Chris Hoy here tbh.

You also prefer light bulbs, Maidstone and Sprite to Sir Chris Hoy

What’s the best things about Maidstone

Somehow convince me

Well the thing is, you can also get 7up, Chatham and LED Lighting so that might factor into some people’s thinking.

The South-Eastern train service to Ashford!!!

Correct, absolutely correct.

Sorry I don’t know the name of some bellend

Do you know the name of any bellends?

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Any other prick can ride a bike or…advertise Weetabix? That’s him right?

Sprite. Obviously

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I think its probably Shredded Wheat

Anyone want to tap this one over the line?

You prefer Sir Chris Hoy, Light Bulbs and Maidstone to Sprite

That is correct. Final answer

I’ve never been to Maidstone. Is it any good?