You can only save 3. The rest are gone forever

  • Domino’s
  • Greggs
  • Subway
  • McDonald’s
  • Wetherspoons
  • Nando’s
  • KFC
  • Wagamama
  • Pizza Hut
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All terrible. Close them down immediately.

(Pizza Hut is about to go under anyway)


Not sure anyone has ever been to a WAGGAMAMMAS.

The other eight are all great, and you’d have to be a bellend to suggest otherwise.


Where my KFC heads at??

Was wondering which would be quickly replaced with something similar due to market demand then realised I was thinking about it too much.

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Horrible if true :worried::worried:

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Think KFC would be my 4th choice, but possibly the most easy to replace with non-union equivalents.

Got right back into KFC recently. Usually after some wacky backy.

KFC - as above.

Greggs - tasty, convenient, good range of sweet and savoury products and tbe breakfast stuff is alright too.

Domino’s - really hits the spot when you have that craving. The price isn’t bad at all if you live near enough to collect.

Could live without the rest quite easily.

I was thinking its weird how there isn’t really a Greggs alternative. Then remembered that’s because Greggs put them all out of business (at least round here).


Dominos Cheeseburger pizza carries the chain. I dont order anything else from them

Cheeseburger on the italian crust is good shit

Are we whilling to admit that outside a couple sarnies and the price point greggs food isnt that nice? Especially the doughnuts which are grotesque

Best value of the lot but worst food

Voted for Nandos but think I’ve been twice ever and probably not for the last 15 years so don’t know what I’m on about

I :heart: gravy box


weird how greggs is the biggest bakery chain in the pie capital of the world and they don’t really do pies. someone should mention it to them


Tricky, of course, you know where you are with all of them, but one serves as a cheap boozer, I’d rather eat chicken than beef, hence KFc over MacDo and Dominos is my preference for chain pizza, and you don’t beat pizza in that list.

Sad to say goodbye to all the others.

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Awful opinion.


So put another dime in the jukebox, baby!


Greggs is the most disappointing of the lot. Never good. Fucking hate it

Subway is the only actively awful one of the 9. Never been to Nando’s but I imagine it’s fine.

Tastes like pure sugar. The filled doughnuts are an assault to the senses

Yeah a positive assault.


Nandos is good :+1: but im rarely in the mood for one. The food quality is a step up from the rest of the list and i dont feel awful after eating a meal there - quite the opposite it digests like… actual food :scream: 1/2 chicken, chips (really like their chips!) And long stem brocoli goes down a treat