You can only save 3. The rest are gone forever

Kfc = zinger tower box meal, 1 pc chicken, 2 hot wings.

Pizza is nice but chain pizzas are all terrible (not had one for a decade so I don’t know what I’m on about)

Greggs, some nice items but not enough, and as mentioned, where’s the pies?

Wetherspoons, cheap and loads of variety, shame about the owner.

McDonald’s: don’t eat beef really now but acceptable chicken and fake beef options, plus I like a milkshake

Subway: mediocre at best but sometimes you want some salad with your meat and carbs

Wagamamas and Nandos: probably higher quality than the rest, but if I’m eating in somewhere there’s usually a better option so rarely go. Nandos gets a vote as I like chicken and chips and some spice so why not.

Once got bollocked by the waiter in Waggas for ordering the chicken katsu curry. I was like, that’s why I come here? In the bin you go

Pizza hut is awful


The best national pizza place going


Never known a product with so much sodium and cheese taste so bland

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Wouldn’t miss any of them personally but do occasionally use dominos and possibly Greggs sometimes.

Arent subway about to be sold to a hedgefund? If so expect them to go under within the decade also

This is a Iceland product, right?


Pretty sure the people voting pizza hut have hungover memories of ATP Butlins and htting the buffet. Its the only reason i considered voting until remembered that outside that 1 scenario ive never enjoyed anything from the hut that werent sides or ice cream

I think getting a Greggs nearly every time I left the house is the thing I miss most about living in a city.


Fond memories of the buffet but the cheese smells like vomit.

PH buffet is a thing of pure joy, tbh. Their takeaways are dreadful, though, I can’t even work out how it’s the same company. That’s ain’t the same company, I’d argue. In court.


The sides and ice cream. But im looking at their pizza and shaking my head

It legit doesnt taste of anything i dont understand!

I have never been to 2 of these places, possibly 3 (I think I have but have no memory if it)

Guess which 2!!!

What a fun game!!!

The chicken from KFC is almost too moist

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Anything other than greggs can go.


KFC is pointless

Domino’s - always think it’s going to be a treat and it’s nice at first And their £4 pizza and wedges lunch deal is good value. But it’s just a bit heavy and I feel gross afterwards. SSPP is an alternative.

Gregg’s - good for a cheap lunch, good for a snack, £3 for a bacon bap and a cuppa when you’re in Wisbech on a cold Tuesday is a win. :white_check_mark:

Subway - I’m with Funko on this - it’s not good at all

McDonald’s - changed my vote on this one. Again, a good all-rounder, good value, I could eat a McDonald’s at any of the 24 hours of the day. :white_check_mark:

Wetherspoons - has this one in my top three but chucked it for McDonald’s. Gets a bit of a punching but we can eat heartily as a family of four in a beer garden by the river for under £40. Would save if I was allowed a wild card.

Yes, love a Nandos. :white_check_mark:

Haven’t been to one for maybe 24 years. Never fancied it.

Fine but if I wanted that sort of thing I’d order a takeaway. Always make such a mess with the noodles, I’m pretty uncouth in a Wagamama

Pizza Hut
As above, would be genuinely sad to lose them. The Cheeksters are big fans of a weekday buffet. But I can only choose three.

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No it’s not, they sell the zinger tower meal there.


KFC, Waggamamas and Nandos