You can only save one

  • Chips and curry
  • Cheesy chips
  • Chips and gravy
  • Chips and peas

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These photos doing all options so dirty.


I prefer fries


Did you know pommes frites outdate chips, at least in recipe books etc. We’re out here lauding it over everyone with our new fangled chip invention.

Cheesy chips please

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I didn’t know that

Got a mate (more of a mate of a mate really tbh) who’s Dad claims to have invented cheesy chips

My mate claims he invented kebab pizza. Sorry, bit tangential that.

Does he have a story about how he came up with it?

Bin them all

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cheese is good
chips is good

can’t stand cheesy chips. don’t know what it is.

Just that he grated cheese on some chips once years ago and now everywhere is doing it or something.

When I worked near a chip shop / kebab shop i used to often get a portion of chips and ask them to smother it in chilli sauce, better than any of the options mentioned

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Any thoughts on ‘the dish from the great white north’, your friend and mine, ‘poutine’?

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All nice except for the peas one, mushy peas are boring

Good mushy peas are lovely but most places do really bland ones. Would never coat chips in them anyway


it’s not my meal of choice. I prefer to dip my chips than cover them as the soggy factor comes into play


Me too

  • I am a chip dipper
  • I am a chip smotherer

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The photos make them all look grim and ideally you want the cheese to be melty

The best ‘boosted chip’ dish is a good portion of Salt & Pepper chips from a Chinese takeaway.

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  • Not agreed actually

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