You can only save three


Just greggs

  1. Greggs
  2. Nandos
  3. Greggs

Wetherspoons, McDonald’s, Greggs

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Subway, Greggs, Wagamama

Greggs, Nando’s, Pizza Hut.

Spoons, Wagas, Greggs (I think… ngl I love boneless banquets from KFC)

Burn them all, end capitalism

Other than that it’s Wags, Gregg’s and Subway


Not sure how I feel about DiS threads directly lifted from the crap my distant family post on Facebook.


Greggs and Subways.

Nando’s, Maccies, Greggs

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Embrace it, it’s our inevitable endpoint.

(NoContextBrits on Twitter was my source, which I basically feel is ripping off my Cursed British Images thread)

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Mc Donalds

Greggs and KFC for definite. Motorway service station staples when driving for work.

Love the occasional Maccies breakfast or a cheeky nandos, meatball sub from subway gets some occasional love so they’re in with a shout

Wagamama is shit so thats gone better quality alternatives from local takeaways that are cheaper, if that’s my criteria that’s pizza hut and dominos gone too.

More worried about where the wetherspoons folk are gonna go and the fact that they might end up spoiling places i like than any enjoyment of the others.

Greggs, KFC & Wetherspoons stay

Would actually be absolutely banging if most of these stopped existing tbqh.

Costa’s as well (am in Costa’s right now, hating it)

  • Dominos
  • Greggs
  • Subway
  • McDonald’s
  • spoons
  • nandos
  • colonel
  • wagamama
  • hut

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Greggs and maybe Waga but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it

Weatherspoons can get in the bin.


wetherspoons is the worst one

dominos, pizza hut and mcdos are shit

nandos and greggs are slightly better than the others but not all that bothered

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For the McDos savers: would it change your answer if it was guaranteed it was gone that there would still be other places where you could have your birthday party?

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