You can't get fitter than a Kwik-Fit fitter


You definitely can.

Caprice for one


You’re getting them confused with butcher’s dogs.


Caprice and Tony Adams going out was well weird wasn’t it


he commented on her Insta post the other day


Caprice is a bit of a cruel name for child, isnt it?


Also, her current partner is called ‘ty comfort’. Sounds like a specialist detergent


Anyone else wanna chat about names


Also, its ‘you cant get quicker than a kwik fit fitter’ i believe


If she was to change her name to Caprice Comfort she’d sound like a hatchback with mid-range trim option.


sorry didnt realise proper LADZ hung out here (or heat readers?)


Google-reader for me


Slightly treacherous hatchback


oh shit of course it is


You prob have to be quite fit tho


Usain Bolt?


You’re confusing it with the similar slogan “You can’t get fitter than a Fitfit fitter” which never really took off. Easy mistake to make.


Can we make this the “getting old advertising slogans slightly wrong thread”?

Tell them about the Sugar Puffs mummy.


justin casa kwik fit


courtney love and alan partridge


Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson