You can't spell "banal" without "anal" (the banal thread)

SADSACK :heart_eyes:

I had an actual Hi-Fi Raggy Doll. His headphones fell off.

2 hours and 52 minutes until home time.

Written by Neil Innes, that.

Can we have a moment to appreciate the cod funk stylings of the Count Duckula closing credits?

Waiting on some [details=Morvelo]HA HA MORVELO ARE A CYCLING APPAREL BRAND, YOU’RE READING ABOUT CYCLING![/details] socks to be deliverd. Nothing else to report.

Was helping my dad de-clutter and found this guy I made years and years ago. Not sure about those feet tho.


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1hr 28 mins

finish at 4 today, wanted to see a film on the way home but there’s nothing starting at the right time. boo-urns.

I’m on a train with my boss. We’re heavily into the awkward silence stage of the journey.

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