You can't spell "Friday" without "day"

Think about it.



Morning @Epimer and subsequent posters.

After the little people are safely deposited at school, Mrs W and I are heading off to Manchester for a weekend away.

Lunch at Roti King before getting on the train!
Northern Monk!
Sisters of Mercy! (don’t laugh)


Morning all :wave:

I’ve been up since 3am as it’s my bi-monthly turn to wander the streets of Cambridge counting rough sleepers. As well as those bedded down, we encountered a queue outside Size? for new trainers (one would presume) as well as a guy who was maybe a little partied out and was pretending to wash the windows of John Lewis.

Got a 10/10 bacon baguette from the red van, and now I’m at my desk.

World Book Day pictures to follow @slicky


The knott is about 10 minutes walk from Albert hall if you fancy some wander beyond.

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This place looks spot on. Thanks.

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Bleurgh. So, you know how I mentioned yesterday that I took the afternoon off because Jimbo was ill? Well, it turns out that sharing is caring. What a great start to the weekend.


That’s a different word. You can tell because it’s spelled differently.

I’m furious

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morning troops. absolutely shattered today, didn’t go to sleep until after 1am, and then was up at 5.45am for usual work routine. nothing on the epic @colon_closed_bracket mind, my work seems trivial to yours.

going to go to the canteen and get a hash brown and egg roll. probably do that around 8ish, maybe.

Morning all.

Body clock generally has me at least half awake when my alarm goes off, was properly asleep this morning though. It’s been a proper slog getting up and out.had one of my feet into the trousers of my tux before realising it was maybe a bit dressy for a 1-2-1 with my manager.

Having spent most of the last month of weekends painting walls or tidying the flat, it feels good to know that all that is finished and I don’t have to worry about getting up early to get a first coat done tomorrow.

I’ve got a tour on Sunday if you fancy seeing some grotty back streets. Got a Trelegraph journo coming along so I’ll undoubtedly make a right pigs ear of it which might be entertaining.

Have a great weekend: it’s not raining.

Whereabouts are you staying? If you’re anywhere near Ancoats I’d day get over to Pollen for a ludicrous pastry, if not then get one of the cronuts from Albert Schloss :drooling_face:

Off work. Gotta clean the kitchen.

Going on the Central Station Tour later.

That would have been great. Unfortunately our train home on Sunday leaves at 10:30am.

We’re staying on the edge of the Northern Quarter - so very close to Ancoats. I’ve just had a look at their Instagram, and will definitely be getting breakfast from Pollen.

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I’m shattered. I’ve just been offered a free ticket to see Supergrass tonight. But I’m still not sure I can be bothered.

If you want to go out/ stay in etc.


Picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been


it is Friday! This means very little to me to be honest, but it’s nice to participate in everyone’s gentle joy. Had some horrendous dreams last night, all my dreams at the moment are about failing in some way. It’s lovely waking up having had the crap kicked out of you all night! However, this morning has been nice so far, and hopefully the day will continue in that vein. Have merry Fri’s, lovely guys!

Be a shame of it’s too late in the day.