You can't spell "Friday" without "day"

Dunno, sounds alright to me.

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Is AA Williams supporting the Sisters?


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Went to owner’s meeting last night and… TONBRIDGE ANGELS FOOTBALL CLUB SHOULD SURVIVE THE SEASON!!! :heart_eyes: :sob: :sparkling_heart:

Some of our better-off fans upgraded their memberships to Grandee, so that’s hauled in a load of moola. Plan for next season is to improve drainage down side of the pitch and get some fitted pitch covers to protect it. Sutton, Bromley and Dorking have all kindly offered to let us groundshare :slight_smile: (Dorking have THE BEST WOMEN’S TOILETS IN NON LEAGUE)


Hurghhhhh I literally don’t even know how to imagine my life without that club, what would I actually do on Saturday afternoons

I know this is a pun.

But seriously I’m in one of my weird moods where I don’t really want to socialise or do anything. Although this might help. Ally Paly is a trek too.

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Dorkings ground is lovely.


This emoji :alien: means:

  • Tired
  • Gone coffee weird (Eric option)

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Tu puedes en Espanol

Yes she is. After missing her at Cult of Luna I’m really looking forward to it.

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Still ill, I should be up to the “coughing and sneezing but actually feeling a bit better” stage but I’m still in the “temperature and headache and feeling like utter turd” stage :frowning:

I’ll probably spend the day watching TV again

Very cool. Hope the Sisters are on form.

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That’s amazing news :slight_smile:



Yeah I understand that. Hope it passes, that would be a hell of a gig to miss.

Feeling a bit low about work. Got serious imposter syndrome and what’s bordering on some kind of inferiority complex. Not sure whether to have a chat with nice boss man.

Also, yay Friday.

Baby was up at 4 this morning, the shit. Feeling exhausted already as a result.
Got new music out which us always nice.
Fairly relaxed weekend ahead.
Work is shit.
Think that about covers it.


Monday morning, off to another day of deliveries and stocktaking I think :frowning: might be getting some free rum samples today though so that’ll be nice.


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Same :hugs:

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