you changed your colours lately?

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Your bookshelf gives that away too

Was in a rush to take eldest to school the other week and realised on way down I’d put on green trainers, green jumper and coat - no bullying as a result thankfully (at least not for me)

Blue jeans, grey t-shirt. that is my uniform and I hardly ever deviate. (to the extent that one of my t-shirts is falling apart and needs replacing with another grey one).

Green is my favourite colour and I do have a green t-shirt but I prefer wearing the grey ones.

editt: not sure why it put my post as a reply to elbows, sorry it was just a general post

it’s getting to throw out old clothes time again. Atm all I have are either plain white shirts or band shirts that are usually black so I might just try every colour and see how it goes.

Black, grey, stripes
Same as ever
Sticking with it

Lots of green in the house tho

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I’m wearing double green today!

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big fan of the subtle green supremacy taking over 2023