"You could have heard a pin drop"

Who are these butter-fingers who are dropping their pins left and right? How hard is it to hold a damn pin!?

Pinhead, in summer when he loses his winter coat, they fall out like no ones business

YEAH and ALSO… who be out there dropping all those ‘other shoes’?


Pin holders in the studio like

Yeah this sounds quiet as fuck

Drop it


Really good post

Often at the ‘bowling alley’ you can hear a ‘pin drop’ if you know what I mean :wink:

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, you know I do!

I might ask my delightful, darling partner if she fancies a ‘bowl’ today actually

Are you sure you can hear “a” pin drop, rather than hearing “several” pins drop?

Unless you’re really bad at bowling I suppose!

I went for a bowl on 25/05/2022

How did you get on?

When I’m picking up my spare I can hear a pin drop, I’ll tell you that for free!

Won it but with a very underwhelming 111 (all to play for in the final frame between Me, Jack and Dan and we all choked massively with me crawling over the line with a final frame of 5)

Only one stat that matters though

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Only one game? Feel like three is the optimum.

Last time I played I took an aggregate victory with 118, 155 and 120, but Steve won 2 games to my one, so who’s to say who the real victor is

And that’s the W!

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  • Aggpass won thanks to his superior aggregate score
  • Steve won because he won 2 games
  • Somehow Hannah, Alex, Pete or Becky won despite scoring fewer points and not winning a game

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Yeah, just the one, had some “food + drink + a game” combo deal going on

= a great time!

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Steve won if we’re going by AMF Ashford Tuesday evening league rules