You couldn't pay me to get in a helicopter


I’ve been in a helicopter several times.

My best mates brother in law was killed in the helicopter flown by Colin MacCrae.


I’d do that in a heartbeat.


I used to take a helicopter to work. True story. It was fine.

You couldn’t pay me to be a dentist. Even if you paid me as if I were a dentist, I still wouldn’t do it.

Or kill people. I guess that’s a common line mind you.


Really? (have you booked your plane tickets yet?? :smiley: )


Bungy jumping
Share a confined space with a wasp


Helicopters are fine as long as the pilot isn’t a businessman or a celebrity.


Wouldn’t cycle to work, then have a shower at work, then get changed, then change back into cycling gear at the end of work, then cycle home, even if you doubled my wages.

Absolutely barmy behaviour.


I can think of a much worse thing. Apologies in advance.

Strapped into a bathtub that slowly fills with spiders. When it starts to overflow it is pushed off a cliff edge and you land in an ocean of more spiders. It slowly fills again and then you drown with spiders filling up your lungs.


Like, just sit in it grounded?


I sort of wonder though whether it would just cure me of my fears? Like I get like this sometimes I’ll see a spider and for the first few seconds it won’t really bother me and then I’ll be like “oh yeah, I’ve got a ridiculous phobia of them” and then i’ll panic. Maybe I’d just be so like “FUCK IT, MUST SURVIVE” Hmm… maybe I should do this? Maybe it’s the only cure!!!


That’s why they ended up cancelling Noel’s House Party.


Enter the same room as that gurning gland James Corden.


Let’s try it out tonight up on Arthurs Seat.


:smiley: COOL. CAN’T WAIT… :grimacing:


Yeah, spiders don’t faze me at all. (Nope, can’t find the Ryanair voucher i got for Christmas. Going to rip my room apart tonight.)


I dunno, I don’t have a problem with spiders but I’m not sure I’d be that comfortable being completely covered with them. Even things I enjoy like cheese, I don’t like the idea of being immersed in it. Not sure I’d be happy in the bath with anything other than water.


kill jester


Been in a helicopter once when I knocked myself out skiing. Don’t remember it. Think if the money was right there’s very little I wouldn’t do


Lick Farage’s feet while he sang God Save The Queen while visibly aroused?


For enough bunse, sure.