You couldn't pay me to get in a helicopter


+1 Potholing.


He’d probably let you do it for a fiver.




hot air balloon


or bungee jump/sky dive

no thank you


those lads have riled you up good and proper huh


Couldn’t pay me to look after one of those stupid massive snakes weirdos keep as pets.


It might have been a tipping point in a previous relationship when she brought a boa constrictor home from work and it was kept (loose) in our spare room.

I did not sleep very well that night.


Always cowcow, always.



you couldn’t pay me to attend a LCD Soundsystem concert, because as they split up in 2011 it is literally impossible to do so


Go see a Marvel film?!?!?!?!?!?!


If I was reimbursed sufficiently for the time I was wasting, sure


Yeah, I get your subtext, eric5 is a bellend!


Skiing. Why pay silly money to go to Switzerland or wherever to make an idiot of myself in the cold and break my legs when I can do it at home for free?


ooh he’s irked


my brother and his mates went down a dry ski slope on for sale signs and he broke his wrist :man_facepalming:


I hate marvel films but your answer is STUPID! Please take these threads seriously or don’t post at all.

Thank you.


these boards are a nice and inclusive place to be nowadays. please leave your bullying ways in the past, thank you.


It is you who was trying to bully TTD!