You couldn't pay me to get in a helicopter


Grounded or airborne.


im not sure how i got into the situation of considering paying you to get into a helicopter


Go on the ITV light entertainment game show Tipping Point


Incredibly Tory Statement Klaxon

One of my dad’s best mate’s owns/owned a helicopter.

One of those little bubble-looking ones. He took my brother and me up in it a couple of times. It was fun. Not as fun as hot air ballooning though, although much less chance that you’ll crash-land in a field and have to meet an angry farmer.


Alright, Farage.




you couldn’t pay me to do whatever is popular with most people :sunglasses:


Jfc I hate snake people


alright, kim kardashian


I can confirm that if you think you won’t enjoy a bungee jump then you won’t enjoy a bungee jump. Apart from the obvious reasons you might dislike it (which are all valid) there are several other ones that you haven’t thought of which are just as bad, which you won’t discover until it’s too late.

Wouldn’t mind going in a helicopter though.


The idea of doing stand up comedy scares the bejezus out of me.


When I was about 16 my history class at school visited a local castle which is also a posh hotel and as we were walking around the grounds some rich fella landed a helicopter on the lawn then got chatting to my history teacher and said “any kids want to come up in my helicopter?” History teacher went “yeah all right” so a couple of kids from my class just up and flew to Wales and back. Teacher looked completely not bothered the whole time. That was mental.


Been in a helicopter a couple of times, really quite enjoyed it.

Bungee jumping - nope.
Cucumber sandwich - nope.


Cucumber sandwich? What fresh Hell is that?


My wee bro use to love cucumber and dairylea sandwiches when he was young :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


Ah man. No. Just no.


Christ you’re telling me



Pretty much anything with the remotest chance of increasing my chance of death/injury: playing sports (at my age?!), riding a motorcycle, getting in a small plane, helicopter, bungee jumping, skiing, etc.


Seeing as a few people in this thread have expressed an interest in bungy jumping so far, thought I’d post a pic of the one I did in New Zealand - longest in the world :+1: Just getting to the cable car to prepare for the jump is fairly terrifying…

Also skydived, piloted a microlight, firewalked. Looking back, might have had my mid-life crisis in my 20s…