You don’t have to get to the airport two hours before a flight

Will be exclusively travelling through Newcastle henceforth.


Appreciate the thought anyway

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and a very high number of pub blokes too

I mean yeah the 45mins has a good chance of missing a flight. But I go 1.30 before and have never missed a flight and almost always had time for a beer before the flight as well. 2hours is just excessive for most airports.

But Airports do change. Manchester is a nightmare. Generally UK airports are horrid.

they’ve changed a lot recently cos they fucked off all their staff and now can’t get anyone to return

Did it in 15 mins. Soz ard

there’s a greggs at arrivals in manchester, but not in the departure lounge unfortunately.

not sure how I’ve been overlooking these greggs but I’m very pleased that visitors get a taste of what’s to come

There’s one at east mids, and it’s in the entrance so you can go even if you aren’t flying

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There’s one in Leeds/Bradford.

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Anywhere that sells edible food with vegetables in it would be a winner for Manchester airport. Always end up getting a cooked breakfast.

German airports have it right. In Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich you can get all kind of food. Got a four hour layover in Frankfurt at the end of this month, it’s gonna be mega.

Has giraffe gone?

I get there 3 hours before.


Getting a flight today, will be getting there 2 hours in advance thank you very much.

Sex toy shop next door to the Haagen-Dazs shop, too. What more do you need


Saw my pal Gary at the airport and he did this

God-tier posting

This thread has changed my life

How have I been so blind to the Greggs that were always right there <3


You joke, but

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