You don’t really get wasabi peas on sale in pubs these days do ya

This is the relatively recent relatively short lived trends thread


don’t hear from Frankie Dettori as much as you used to


also very rarely see kids wearing Frankie Dettori t shirts

good cuz they’re cross.

big fan of those small chilli bites tho

Solid observation

Gourmet pork scratchings are more of a thing now

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Wait til I tell em u said that

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fucks sake

I’m always disappointed when I find wasabi peanuts but not peas.

I don’t like peanuts hashtag hot take

Haven’t been neknominated in fucking ages


When did they ever sell wasabi peas in pubs?

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Early 00s (America)
Late 00s (Manchester)
2010s (London)

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Or that thing where people were tipping buckets of water over themselves.

People don’t really pretend they put chocolate in chillis and spag bols any more do they?

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Hillary Step does some delicious wasabi nuts if you’re ever back in M16 smee

I really like those ones you get in bowling alleys. Sahara coated peanuts? They’re awesome.

you can still get them

Used to have loads of these at the old ATP