You don't ask, you don't get!


when was the last time you asked and got?

and any times you asked and didn’t get?


I was at a restaurant last night and ordered a meal and a glass of wine and I got a meal and a glass of wine. I later exchanged cash for the service I received.


Asked for a reveller cider at wetherspoons and they gave it to me and I drank it


Not quite what I had in mind but we’re struggling today so we’ll take it.


Please see the previous post I made here.


I asked for Bruschetta at Zizzis and I didn’t get it.

Then another time I asked for Bruschetta at Zizzis and I didn’t get it.


I think this is on you tbh Meo


Did the same as this on Tuesday


i would like a large sum of money, please.

thanks in advance.

(i’ll keep you all posted on the outcome here)


I actually hate asking for help and am very jealous of people who ask for things willy nilly


My work has a policy of having to ask for special permission to take a holiday over 2 weeks. I asked for that permission in late January, and it was granted.


£83,678 + £46,479 ÷ 2.6 = ?


I asked for the foie gras and got it with complete disdain


I’ve just been in a car for 6 hours and my clutch broke. Sorry about this.


I asked for Monday off and I got Monday off!


update: hasn’t gone well.


And heaven knows you’re miserable now


(should clarify: solidarity like, not mocking your misfortune)


Had two asked didn’t gets this week. First one I asked for lasagne at a restaurant in Italy but they didn’t do it (I really wanted a lasagne), second one was asking for fries also at a restaurant in Italy and they also didn’t do them.

My mates pointed out that I should stop ordering things that aren’t on the menu and I literally said “You don’t ask you don’t get!” so I’m glad you’ve made this thread.


you ask for things off menu, you get what you deserve