You don't ask, you don't get!

Where are you going boothy?

“Can I just be a bit cheeky and…”


I was paying for fuel and the cashier asked me to confirm the amount. I said it (to the penny, which I think is what prompted this response) and he replied, jokingly “Well done! You win!” I asked “Well, what’s my prize?” He said “fair enough” and then gave me an air freshener.

It was fucking grim, triggered my friend’s allergies and we ended up binning it at the next services but nice gesture.


I asked someone to put up some display shelves for me
3 people ended up doing it

…Bob Geldof screws up paper, throws it in the bin.


I semi-regularly ask AND ALSO GET ingredient swaps on food when eating out.

Onion rings instead of chips with my burger, an extra sausage instead of bacon with my breakfast, kale instead of spinach on a pizza. The unhealthy scran places are very accommodating, I find.

I went to Cambodia, got back just in time for that old Beast from the East didn’t I? Timed that one well.

Ooh how was it? Cambodia is on my mid life crisis gap year list.

I liked it, but I messed up a bit by going during Chinese New Year, and didn’t have anything booked in advance, so ended up not going to a couple of places I’d intended to. Angkor Wat is predictably great, its just a shame you have to go to Siem Reap to visit it. Siem Reap is horrible. Battambang is a much nicer city, and isn’t full of 18 year olds wanting to drink as much as possible as quickly as they can.

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