You don't have to say thank you at a pelican/zebra

Someone shouted at me for not saying thanks at a zebra crossing… they have to stop so it’s not like they did anything out of the goodness of their heart? Right?

Zoo signs are getting stranger and stranger


You don’t have to say thank you ever, Elaina. We do though because we’re living in a society.


No you’re not getting it, it doesn’t warrant a thank you at all I’m saying

I put up a hand of thanks at a zebra crossing but not at a pelican crossing, generally, would never tell someone off for not doing so though obviously


Thank you for your clarification.

See! That wasn’t hard was it!

Ant, do you expect me to say thank you if people stop at a red light???

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You’re completely 100% in the right here.


Hand of thanks

  • Zebra crossing
  • Pelican crossing
  • Someone letting you cross at a non-designated-crossing point
  • None of these

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I’m just lightly yanking your chain, friend. I too, like Aggsy, raise a hand/give a thumbs up at a zebra crossing but never at a pelican crossing, that would be insane.

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I thought so, I’m glad we have the same opinion (won’t say thanks because it doesn’t call for it)

You know I usually smile or raise a hand too, but I was deep in thought so I just didn’t but I was a bit like ‘Whaaa???’ when I got shouted at

What were you thinking about?

Maybe they are from France where people generally don’t stop at a zebra crossing unless you step out

I was thinking about something quite sad :frowning:

What the fuck is a pelican crossing?

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Traffic lights.

I’m not being an arse here but it was a white van…


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I’m sorry to hear that

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