You don't have to say thank you at a pelican/zebra


I am very rarely wound up as a driver or pedestrian - I’ll often let people out, cross or whatever.

The only time I ever get irked is if I let another driver out and they don’t acknowledge it. Pedestrians are at risk, so while it’s appreciated I don’t get annoyed by it and wouldn’t expect them to run across the road or anything.

Cyclists that don’t obey the basic rules of human decency (so - all cyclists) do boil my piss a little. Like when they go through reds or over zebra crossings/weave through people crossing just because they don’t want to have to brake/stop and then pull away again.


So annoying (as a cyclist/non-parent) when you’re waiting at a red light and another cyclist just comes up beside you, mounts the curb then drops back in infront of the light, like stop giving everyone a reason to hate cyclists you melt



my fave is when a load of cyclists* stop at a zebra / red light and then another just comes idly through not even looking. i almost want them to get swiped to teach them a lesson.

*i say cyclists, obv yr dece club cyclist wouldn’t dream of running a red or not stopping at a crossing. there’s a v specific group of folk who just think the rules of the road don’t apply to them, whether a ped or on a bike or in a car.


absolutely this. it’s so frustrating when you see riders doing stuff that gives the rest of us a bad name :frowning:


Think you become better at this sort of stuff if you do the other things regularly too. Like the only person I ride regularly with who does the cunty cyclist stuff is also the only one who doesn’t drive.


One wave of thanks at a crossing = one respect




Same way as every other aspect of driving. Kill a few people, adjust the software, release a new update.


got shouted at the other day by a poohead in a van, under these circumstances. he had sped up as he saw us crossing and slammed on the brakes to emphasise something. after shouting something unintelligible at me, i said, well I hope that was cathartic, to which he invited me to piss off. I RSVPed immediately.


Old Blue Last, £5 on the door etc.


don’t mind it unless there’s no one else behind them anyway, then it just seems a bit needlessy smug doesn’t it


this is really annoying, but i’ve only recently discovered they’re apparently better in that they detect pedestrians when there are no more pedestrians before going green again or something

still always look in the wrong place for the green man though


Find it ups the irkage ante even more when it’s a bus. Like, driving is your job and you’re doing it really, really badly there, mate.


You know how you get automatic prison time if you stop in a yellow box in London? That really should be rolled out across the country, cos no fucker pays a single bit of attention to them anywhere else.


Was it this pillock?



I’ve no idea how Giles Coren has the stamina to constantly be an absolute dickhead all the time.


i’ve thought about making a similar thread to this before, but obviously it exists


some ppl try and trick you there not going to use the zebra, almost walk past it then suddenly use it or hang about near when not crossing. I am not fond of these ppl