You don't see Brian Dowling these days do you


You don’t see Dakota Fanning these days do you

You don’t see Jayne Middlemiss these days do you

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I sure don’t

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Loads and loads of people saw her just last year!

You can’t middlemiss her!


I’m just Frederick Banting

You don’t see Frederick Banting these days do you

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Now you’re just goodwill hunting

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I believe that Brian is a really nice fella but boy, he is not a presenter. He made those early Channel 5 series of Big Brother really hard to watch. I was delighted when he lost his job, and that makes me feel like a real piece of shit.

Never actually saw him presenting, assumed he’d be good.

not even the best Brian to win Big Brother


I keep thinking he’s the guy off the Father Dowling Mysteries.

That’s because she does radio

I keep thinking he’s the guy that invented cylindrical lengths of timber.

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