"You don't see em much these days" - A rolling thread


This is a rolling thread to be bumped every time you think “You don’t see ‘X’ much these days do you”

Here are the first submissions:

  1. Wasps
  2. Evangeline Lilly
  3. Fruit Polos

You know who you don't hear much about these days?
I saw a Burton's bag today





Used to bloody love an S&V Frisp! Terrific contribution.




big ron




My wife’s favourite crisp! “so vinegary that they taste cold”


I absolutely understand the cold crisp phenomenon.






The former


Sara lee chocolate gateaus


Red arrows


Astonished to learn that Frisps do actually still exist


Yeah you can pick up the odd multi-pack here and there. I have been allowed near a s&v one for years…




Remember Viennetta? Of course!
Remember Romantica? Urm…


I was idly wondering to myself only the other day about how dog shit in general (white or otherwise) is a relatively scarce occurrence on our streets these days. Back in’t day, you couldn’t ride your Raleigh Chopper down the pavement without getting your front wheel caked up with canine excrement


I saw Katie Holmes on Jimmy Fallon t’other day. Made me go “HUH, hadn’t seen her in a long time had we!”

Probably had to take some time to readjust to being a real human being again tbf.


aren’t they usually to be found in home bargains and the like ?