"You don't see em much these days" - A rolling thread

Manchester United: Premier League winners

Had a pack of Caramacs recently.
Think they were in the staff shop, probably 50p for the 4 pack or something.

Basically just the coating off a Gold bar aren’t they?

Charity bracelets


They’re still fairly prevalent but there’s no reason why anyone without toddlers would ever consider purchasing one

Vicars. Particularly outraged and/or horny ones.

Proper Goths
Mods (proper ones, in parkas n that)

What is an acceptable confection for an adult male to purchase?

Dark Chocolate Bounty Bars.

Like hens’ teeth

romantica looks incredible!

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Luckily they are readily available in Barbican Waitrose and I regularly chomp em down

(As ever I’ll mention that the Bounty is the bar with the biggest discrepancy in enjoyment between the dark and milk chocolate versions)

New thread please.

I only ever buy:

Milky Bar
Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate
Milka - the one with the white cows on



This sounds very similar to the sort of stuff I’d buy, although would go for a Twirl over a standard Dairy Milk.

I’m on the Flakes at the moment because they were 8 for a quid in the staff shop.

Love the milk and white Milka though.


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There’s the first two for you!