You don't see Jack Vettriano paintings around as much these days, do you?

There was a time maybe 15 years ago where you couldn’t move for Jack Vettriano paintings.

Was expecting this was a Jordan joke thread. Now I’m a bit unsure what to do.



think my auntie still has this one above her telly

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We’ve got a print of Dance Me to the End of Love but I have to say I don’t much care for him. Went to one of his exhibitions in Glasgae and was pretty unimpressed. Sorry @scotch_dissers

weird, I was in a calendar shop panic buying some christmas tat just there and clocked a jack vettriano calendar and had the same thought

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“joke” :question:

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I think that needs to be taken to the Heavy Handed Satire thread!


Just did a quick image search: none of these pictures seems familiar to me. @plasticniki?

Keep trolling, Theo.

I have.

Soz Theo.

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Doesn’t Jack Nicholson own them all (sure I heard that once) - was slightly disappointed by this as I thought Jack would cooler art. Maybe he’s just a shred investor and keeps them in a warehouse somewhere

I have a holiday timeshare thing in Wales - and there is a Jack Vettriano copycat thing on the wall in the living room. It’s ghastly (@ninetyeightytwo).

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OMG what a horror show

like cooler art

shrewd, not shred

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Quite liked the thought of Jack Nicholson keeping a warehouse full of the most amazing guitar work.


The problem with Jack Vettriano is he always tries to walk it in

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Dan Smee to the end of love!!1 @meths


Deserves an old-fashioned