You ever dust things?



Can I just shock you and say I do not

How thorough and often you dusting m9s


don’t think i’ve ever dusted


I got this microfiber cloth mitten thing for dusting.

Never use it.


Don’t dust but will run the hoover over the coffee table and shelves and that. Millennial dusting.


I run the little handheld hoover around with the brush attachment semi-regularly. It seems like I’m fucking surrounded by dust constantly in the fucking hellhole I’m paying a fortune to live in.


you picking up individual items and hoovering them? How about screens and that there pal?


I was dusting last night, you filthy swine


Please remember to dust off your dignity




Neither a duster nor a polisher am i


I have to dust all the time. Where does it all come from? Also my dust tends to be a purple colour which I don’t understand.


On a side note, I’d like to bring it to the attention of the class that Parquet Courts are a wonderful band.

Apologies for the slight tangent there guys, please continue talking about dead skin etc. as you were before.


I polish the mirrors every now and then


Might’ve dusted a banister once in the past year. The TV otoh, she loves to dust the house


My flat seems to accumulate dust at an alarming rate, so have to do the Mr Muscle spray and a wipe down of surfaces with one of those fibre cloth things semi-regularly. Anyone got any tips on how to prevent dust building up so much, if there is a way?


Do you have purple skin?


They’re good but no better than that
Just listen to the modern lovers innit


Once every 2-3 months I will feel incredibly virtuous and clean AND dust the entire flat and then marvel at how quickly it reverts to bring a dust filled cesspit


There’s a reason I’ve never posted a selfie…