You ever have a job as a waiter?

This is the twenty second in a weekly series where I, Jonathan Frakes, ask the Drowned In Sound community questions taken from the show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which I hosted from 1998 - 2002.

Have you ever had a job as a waiter?
  • Yes
  • No

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Did you enjoy it? Do you think it changed the way you treat others working as waiters? Were there any interesting stories? Did you ever contaminate anyone’s food intentionally?

Money innit


No, not really


Waiter in a gastro(ish) pub, while also barman. Some might not consider this to be the same thing but I’d say those ‘some’ can kiss my balls

No I did not enjoy it. Pulling pints: good. Serving food: bad. Especially because you’re effectively a bullet shield for a bad chef

Actually so yes; if there’s a real fuckup I’ll never have a go at a waiter (unless they’re specifically being an arse or etc).


Now and then

Maybe. I would be nice to waiters anyway but especially so after being one

A few.


Would you consider a “Lane Host” to be a waiter?

Is that a bowling alley thing?

  • I have never worked in hospitality, retail or construction, for even let’s say a month

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Wonder if any of us have never worked in hospitality, retail or construction. To them I say: teach me your secret

^this, pretty much word for word.

(I treated waiters and bar staff well before working there, so it didn’t really change how I treat others, but it did make me able to spot staff who knew what they were doing, or those who were inexperienced).

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By not giving this poll another option, you’ve made it very difficult for me not to vote even though I have worked in hospitality, retail or construction for over a month.

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But it’s so hard

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This will help:

  • I am ma0sm

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I have two likes for this comment, but it was a genuine question that I have yet to get an answer to

Of course it fucking is!

What does a lane host do?

Things you think a lane host does
  • Does a bowl, if a bowler requests it
  • Responds to a button that each group has at their lane station
  • Polishes the balls
  • Checks that people are wearing the correct shoes
  • Checks no-one is shotputting the bowling balls
  • Takes drinks and food orders from the bowlers and brings them to the bowlers
  • Answers questions from the bowlers
  • Suggests funny names that the bowlers can use for their game
  • Wears a badge with their name on it
  • Does a little dance whenever someone gets a strike
  • Stands in the lane and tries to block the balls if someone shouts “HARD MODE!”
  • Clears up empty plates and glasses
  • Puts the bumpers down if the bowlers request them
  • Tells people where the toilets are if they ask
  • Other (please enlighten us)

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Respond to the needs of the bowlers whether they be sustenance, maintenance or just general support

Makes sure Superman’s girlfriend is well looked after and made to feel at home


This is very good posting for you.


You’re a real smart alec sometimes

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@ma0sm :expressionless:

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