You ever play any of those app games like tennis

or football or head soccer or something and they will say “You are playing Aleisha” or “You are playing Kevin” but Aleisha and Kevin’s photos are like professionally taken head shots. Or Kevin will have a professional shot of himself with his family.

Guys, I don’t think Kevin and Aleisha are real people. I’m not sure Kevin does want a rematch when I win. I’m not sure how deep this all goes.

  • Kevin is real
  • Kevin is a robot

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Had a few games like this where they pretend you’re playing against real people but it’s clearly not. Golf Clash was one, and Football Strike, some quiz thing too where the same people kept coming round in the same order with the same questions.


Is In Jail



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I only play online chess like the real cool dudes do.

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I don’t play play app games.

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Play app Pompey
Pompey play app