You ever think that when you die

How you will be outlived by lots of quite boring, drab inanimate objects?

Not great stuff like castles and bridges but just really boring stuff.

There’s a sort of concrete mobility ramp in M&S in Kingston that has been there about 30 years. Reckon that slab of concrete will be around longer than me. Makes u think huh?

So you know how people get plaques and benches put up when they die, I would like a bench taken away. So I outlive that bench. It might inconvenience people who used to use that bench but there can be a plaque in its place say that death had inconvenienced me.

Think I would also like the George foreman in my house thrown away when I die and maybe the microwave as I don’t like the thought of these things outliving me.

Ever thought like this?

  • Of course I haven’t u mad prick
  • Well, not until now I hadn’t
  • Yes I have

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u ok hun

Drill your name into the concrete, checkmate


I have an old doodle book of a great grandpa’s that’s like 120 years old and it keeps reminding me how fleeting and short my lifespan is


There’s still gonna be a bottle of Limoncello in the drinks cabinet

hidden cos bit depressing

I have wondered about what will happen to my possessions. I don’t have kids and my brother is unlikely to have kids so there won’t be anyone of a younger generation who actually wants to keep any of it for sentimental reasons. It’s quite a depressing thought tbh.

On the flipside I am absolutely dreading trawling through the cavalcade of shite my fam has amassed when my auld ma goes, all those fucking books and vhs tapes and chintz and shit. Shudder thinking about it.


Might write a will bequeathing loads of random stuff to people to annoy them.

I leave equal shares in my tin opener to the checkout staff at the Co-op. That kind of thing.


Might just pretend I’m dead, hire a skip and throw out 99% of all the shit here and start again.

You’d need to get that bench destroyed before you die otherwise it will still outlive you.

I reckon you should make it your life’s purpose to destroy as many benches as possible. Respect to you.


Once came across my dad’s old electric shaver when going through some stuff, probably 20 years after he died. Opened the end and a load of bits of hair fell out and I just thought “Jesus…that’s disgusting” and threw it away.


My nan died aged 100 earlier this year. She was a super tidy/organised hoarder, so going through her stuff was tough. One drawer was literally full (as in…1000s?) of the tags of what I can only assume was every item of clothing she’d ever bought…

EDIT: hundreds of thimbles/small pieces of crystal/photos/letters - all neatly filed away :grimacing:

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“dad, is there anywhere you want to go before…you know…before”
“Yes son, there is one place…take me to the mobility ramp at M&S Kingston, and bring a chisel and hammer”


The most sobering part of buying the flat was not the preposterous amount of money that I’ll be paying off until I’m 63, or having to get various insurances in case I die, or having to write a will or any of that shit. It was that the lease on the flat has 972 years remaining on it. 972! The idea that the flat will still be there when Busted are living underwater is just too much.


Also sobering is the fact that I lived in Kingston for three years and never noticed this ramp, nor the M&S to which it is attached.

My mum likes to call me sometimes and tell me how she reckons the pile of unread books stacking up on her bedside will definitely outlive her at this point so in revenge she’s off to give them away to charity shops. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, John Grisham.

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This is genuinely the most shocking thing in this thread. Kingston London, right?! Open your eyes! There are 2 M&S there for a start!!!

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Kingston throughout my life and I can’t picture where M&S is… I’m more scared that Natterjacks will outlive me.

yeah i’ve thought about how e.g. a shopping trolley dumped in a canal will probably outlive me and everyone else.

i think we could make ourselves extinct at any moment through a technological blunder or natural catastrophe so there will be a lot of stupid shit just lying around.

If I had to guess I’d say it’s sort of near the bridge, around where TK Maxx is. Or hidden at the back of the Bentall Centre maybe.