You got a plan?

Sure this thread has been done to death, but quick poll and brief discussion here please. do you have a 5 year/immediate future/ life plan, or just taking it as it comes?

  • I have a plan!
  • I have no plan, just riding that sweet sweet rollercoaster baby
  • In a way

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You with the plans!

  • Have a plan and things are going to plan
  • Have a plan but things are not going to plan

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I prefer short term goals that are more achievable and can be reassessed when they inevitably end up disappointing / failing to solve your underlying issues.

don’t even know what i’m gonna have for lunch


My plan is to be a little less poor than I have been thus far.

Went up from £12k to £14k this last year - watch out bankers, I’ll be the 1% in no time.


Depends. Does “continue to do as little work as possible without being fired, and avoid as many non-work responsibilities as possible” count as a plan?


finish uni and keep doing uni stuff but take it seriously. apply for funding to do things and only do boring rubbish work part time. Maybe consider doing teaching or maybe just try setting up some organisation for The Kids. Loads of people paying loads of money for bad work so maybe just come along and do it better than the people who do it badly.

Had a plan which was go travelling and move back to Glasgow. Now I’ve done that now what?

Create a new plan for me please.

Save up in Glasgow and go travelling


Plan has came out in the last two weeks so it may change. it is as follows

  • Remain in Belfast and save for a year (it’s very cheap here)
  • Apply for jobs in London from may/June next year (probably from W4MP)
  • Hopefully move to London and be poor for several years

Not massively sure where to go from there.

I feel like that’s just the same plan :thinking:

HOW though?

If I don’t get a job I like I’m going to go travelling or move to France and fuck around

  1. travel
  2. glasgow
  3. ?
  4. profit

visit cornwall more often

finish pbp in under 90 hours

Is that
To do

Brexit will help this :slight_smile: / :frowning:


yes obviously