You got a system for dealing with the post?

Maybe you’re organised and important stuff is immediately filed or stuff gets shredded and recycled straight away.

I tend to let stuff pile up on the kitchen table for a while, then tear stuff up and recycle it. I try and keep bills prominently at the top of the pile so I don’t forget to pay them.

Obviously anything from charities can go on the living room coffee table so I can conspicuously clear them away when I have visitors so they can see how charitable I am.

Get hardly any post these days. Nothing really ever needs “dealing” with tbh

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Who has non-automated bills these days?

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Mainly just the monthly factoring invoice for me.

Yeah I chuck it in the kitchen unless it’s British Gas in which case it’s magnetised to the fridge door. The mail pile on the kitchen counter is currently about 10-20 letters deep.

I normally open it if it’s addressed to me


Got a cheque for £45 in the post yesterday and I was annoyed by how antiquated every single aspect of that is

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Orange (former telecom giant) once sent me a £7 refund through a cheque in the post. The cunts knew exactly what they were doing, that I would never get round to paying that into the bank.

I think if it had been even £10 less than what it was I would probably not bother tbh which is an absolutely abhorrent way to behave.

Would absolutely love to have a cheque book. Whipping one out in the pub or something.

i have a “bullshit pile” next to the toaster of letters/ bills receipts and whatnot. I also keep a pile of the envelopes they came in to be used for making shopping lists etc

every so often I sort out the bullshit pile, and enjoy how neat and tidy the area near my toaster looks. And I resolve to deal with all the bullshit is it arrives. But I never do … I never do

This is the most annoying post on

Why did I click on that

Having kids forces you to have and use a cheque book, as so much school and club related stuff still uses them (although they are starting to get better). Infuriating how they seem to wait months before cashing them - sending my delicate financial balance into chaos

I was sent a new cheque book by my bank recently. This was because they changed my sort code and account number due to ringfencing of business and personal accounts. I can’t remember the last time I last used my old cheque book even.

Rubber up then, friend.

bit late for that Ant

Fair point that

If something like a credit card offer arrives, and it’s got a freepost return envelope to send back an application, I sometimes rip it all up and return the remains in the envelope.

That’s only if I can be bothered (which is rarely), but it is satisfying.

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mate - some poor minimum wage drone has to deal with that envelope