You got a system for dealing with the post?

So I’m keeping them and the postal service in employment, and all they have to do is bin it, not input any of my details into some system. I must be the most popular person there.

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I’ve never had a cheque book. can’t help but feel I’ve missed out on … something or other

I’m probably too old to do it now, but if you’ve got a chequebook when you’re a teenager you can amuse yourself by writing huge cheques for millions of pounds to your friends.

For added laughs you can say “just wait a couple of weeks before cashing that, eh? HAHAHAHAHA”

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My sister-in-law still gets paid by a cheque. Mind boggling.

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I’ll do nothing of the sort.

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  • I have a shredder because I’m incredibly self-important
  • Straight in the waste paper bin
  • Non-recycling niki option

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Stuff I want to shred - take to work and do it there.

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I tear stuff up if it has personal info on it. Probably not that much more secure than just binning it, but something is better than nothing.