You got any hidden dreams /wild secret ambitions?


Fuck you, Steve Trumpeter.



This the Thursday filth thread?




I’d like to live a quiet life with minimum hassle.

Should probably change it to something more realistic tbh.


I want everyone who’s ever wronged me to get a violent comeuppance. Other than that, just huge wealth.


Ive got nothing then


Go on Big Brother


Still wanna be an extra in a martial arts film


I want to join a cult.


This is gonna sound right morbid but I want to be burnt (after all my useful organs are removed) and dusted out at sea. Through a cannon.


Also obviously would love to [redacted] in a room filled with [redacted]


Alright Fuzzy_Dunlop


I’d look into a career in MI5 admin then


By comparison fuzzy is a saint


Bartender - Jane Doe
Dojo Manager - John Smith
Man who has their head kicked off - Terry Xylopwn


Would quite like to runaway to a remote Scottish island and run a bnb / bake cakes for a living. Maybe not that remote then.


Literally that’s the dream. No lines just getting decked by Wesley Snipes’ spin kick


And I thought that I was the only one who wanted to eat ice cream in room filled with bumblebees!


I’d like to design my own house.

EDIT: that’s not really a hidden dream or a wild secret, so I’ve ballsed this up, haven’t I?