You got chest hair? You ever risk it being visible?


Don’t poll me, bro.


My chest hair only appears by the light of the full moon.


Not much. I’ve got a weird split: hardly any hair between my waist and neck; below the waist, gorilla.


Not even a strand, and y’know what? I’m very content with that.


but do you show it off?


What a floozy


Yes but I never show it off. Maybe when I’m topless on holiday.


A wisp may poke out accidentally from time to time. Not gonna shave/wax my chest though :confused:


nope, none whatsoever


I’ve got a smooth chest with a ring of hairs round each nipple. And a thin line that sort of builds towards the usual place. Bye.


the ear?


I refer to mine as Giggsy in an ironic fashion.


Clearly not the most well known bit of Partridge.




So, so much. I am gross.


lots of hair does not equal gross.


What kind of risk is there? That it’ll drive the women wild with passion? Or - more likely - I’ll get hit on by a cute guy who likes “bears” or “cubs” or is it “otters” (I’m never sure)?


Comedic incident with some Velcro?
Passing robin decides to build a nest in it?
Ummm… that’s probably it really.


no / god no


Sorry, I totally missed this question!

Hmm… would I show it off? no. I personally would not. I wouldn’t hide it or shave/wax it off either though.