You got chest hair? You ever risk it being visible?


hair is really great


I certainly do and I certainly do.

Why on earth wouldn’t I?


I wouldn’t mind being a bit hairier

despite so much that would have us believe women can’t have body hair, I find it really easy to find people to have sex with me


This would be a standard work look.

For me, obvs.


you seem to be missing a medallion.


I’ll get one immediately.


Little bit


good. thank you.


I have some, yes, and I have no hang ups about it.

used to shave it off, but now I like it. feel like I have the perfect amount.


A really pathetically small patch of rather disgustingly long chest hair. Bit weird really. I don’t like being topless and it’s probably somewhere around 30% of the reason why.




Yes, and always


All of this tbh. I’ve been reliably informed I’m an otter


Oh also, when I had my ECG the other week the nurse was like ooh a good hairy chest, but I hope the sensors stick to you, I don’t know if we’ve got a razor. Turned out it was ok in the end, but as I was taking them off I said well at least we didn’t need to shave my chest! and she said yeah but you’re going to get a wax from them now


Yes, one.


Oh and one final thing, I’ve actually got a bit of a bald patch right in the middle, which isn’t immediately obvious until you part my chest hair (I have enough chest hair that it can be parted). Ok, bye


probably the hairiest person ever. just button everything up to the top


Now we’re wondering about the other 70 per cent.


None of it’s great pal.


I’ve got a fairly hairy chest. Doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t flaunt it often though as I tend to wear a t shirt under shirts (not work shirt type shirts, regular shirts) and I’m not one of those people who whips their top off at the drop of a hat