You got much poise, mate?


Oy, pal! Are you graceful?


No I do devil sticks, mate.


What’s that?


It was some attempted humour on the hippy traveller activity of poi twirling. Devil sticks are a companion piece. Please now laugh.



(What is it, like Diablo or something?)


Weirdly when just the right of hungover I’m a witty gazelle

At all other times I am a braying heffalump


I’m insanely clumpy at all times


Nope. I’m trying to improve it though, by strengthening my core and by consciously trying to hold good posture.


Like two sticks that control another stick. I did used to do it and was pretty fucking good but please don’t tell anyone.


Did it bring you pleasure?


How do you do your posture mate?


Yeah it was good. I would be fukcing amazing now had I continued. Like I could do all the stuff this geezer does (well maybe not the later stuff) but not as slick.


I’ve revealed too much!


Due to my badminton ( and SAS training, but I don’t want to go on about that) my reaction and poise are quite good when it comes to sport but when it comes to doing things neatly in everyday life I am terrible. I’m not sure I know what poise means? I am sure as hell not going to look it up and check.


Did you have dreadlocks and a shell necklace as well?


This is an astonishing development


No I had a shaved head and was stoned most of the time but I did hook up with a white girl with dreadlocks (half Norwegian/half French) while discovering the beauty of my soul in SE Asia.


But you did have a shell necklace?


I did as a kid but I have not worn any jewellery (other than wedding ring) since hitting double figures.


If anyone would like ballet lessons I can offer reasonable rates btw