You got much poise, mate?


I have/had a friend from school who is now a big deal in the ballet world and it’s really brilliantly incongruous with his mannerisms and accent and general vibe. Good bloke.


By engaging my core.

By trying to imagine that I’m being hung from a piece of rope attached to the top of my head, and that there’s a plumbline running down from there to the floor.


I wish. I look like him most of the time


That man? Billy Elliot


I like plumblines. It sounds like your technique is very mind-over-matter.


Kind of a real life Billy Elliot but as a south-London wideboy in a rural Kent setting.


Adorable? Agreed!


:grinning: he is cute but also a crying lump


bet that’s much easier than it looks

probably a piece of piss if anyone actually bothered to try it


The 10 years of devil stick practise paid dividends ( it actually looks quite fun, I might have to give it a go)


really into very big people with a lot of poise.

friend of my brother’s used to be nicknamed Cat when we were young because he was so agile and athletic, he’s put on a bunch of weight since then but he’s still really graceful and pulls off some brilliant saves, they call him Big Cat sometimes now and it’s one of my favourite nicknames.


It’s virtually impossible, only for the highly skilled. Stick (pun!) to the cycling, pal.


I can trip over while lying in bed.