You guys any good at cleaning?

Is there an easy trick to getting mould out of the washing machine seal? Cheers!

make a paste with baking soda and smear it on, leave overnight. Clean with bleach.

If you can leave all of the latches and doors open after each wash overnight you can avoid mold


thanks pal :slight_smile:

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I was a bit concerned about the possible mixing of bleach with bicarbonate of soda here, as bleach is very reactive and lots of other cleaning agents will produce toxic chemicals if combined with it, but apparently bicarb is about the only thing other than water that you can safely mix it with. However I do just want to put a big warning here for people who might not be aware: in general, don’t mix bleach with stuff! Don’t use bleach straight after another cleaner or vice versa if you haven’t washed the first one off properly! Don’t use different cleaning products together unless you’ve checked it’s safe! Thank you, public service announcement over.


terrible but better than Rowdy


I would run an empty wash as hot as it goes but yeah never really thought about this

With detergent!

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3 spoons pal

I meant to rinse off the bicarb first. But yes it’s a bit dangerous of me not to mention that

If you’d rather avoid bleach then vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent and can be safely mixed with bicarb provided you have good ventilation

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I use white vinegar for everything.

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is this the right stuff?

Yes. It’s got other cleaning uses as well although i think its cleaning powers are a bit overhyped myself. Especially when people suggest mixing it with vinegar, which just neutralises both. I use it mainly for getting food smells/stains out of containers and chopping boards, where you don’t want to use most cleaning products in case traces of it get into your food.

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will use this today then bleach the shit out of it tomorrow :slight_smile:

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