You guys ever tried to play this fun game with Fruit Pastilles?

You try and just suck one instead of chewing it but wouldn’t you know it? Its impossible to resist chewing!

Try it with your friends or loved ones!


I’ve just tried sucking a friend or loved one and you’re right, I couldn’t resist chewing!


Fantastic post

Ironically, I think it becomes less tempting to chew as this goes on, as what would at first have been a satisfying bite turns into a claggy mess which my teeth wouldn’t enjoy.

Either way, I’m eating that Fruit Pastille.

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Fruit pastille or fruit pasparkling?


When you’re on you’re on, man. This is top-tier.

I feel like @The_Respected_User has ignored your post unfairly here. Just skipped straight to Aggpass. This is a good post!

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Yea I have tried this game.

Have you tried the game where you eat a powdered doughnut without licking your lips.

I was thinking earlier that it’s actually a lot easier to resist chewing the further down the sucking pathway you go because it becomes a lot more claggy

Well this is all very upsetting.

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Thanks man. Means a lot.

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Just being a little cheeky! :crazy_face:

@moderators I think this should be TRU’s tagline as penance.

What’s the point??

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It’s a fantastic and impressive feat of discipline! (if successful)

ok maybe i’ll give it a whirl then

Best wishes!

same to you and the family xx

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God bless x