You had to be there

My hilarious story in the Guy thread reminds me of the most I have ever laughed BUT you had to be there.

Me and two mates were cruising about in my 205. We drove past my mates house (let’s say his surname was Wilson) and as we went past we saw his Polo pulling into his garage. So I slammed the 205 into reverse and whined at high speed into his drive. My two passengers leaned out of their windows as far as they could and screamed ‘WILSON!’. We then realised it was his dad (once a Mayor of a small town) who had borrowed his car. We mumbled an apology. Drove just out of view and laughed a lot. The end.

You got any you had to be theres?

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Nothing that’ll beat that, no. High point of the thread right there.


What colour was your 205?

classic wilson tbf

It was called metallic blue. A light blue.

My dad’s 205 GTI was black.

I don’t remember being anywhere tbh

GTI! Baller.

My dad had a red 205. I still love 205s.

He bloody loved that car. Inexplicably got a Citroen AX after that

Me and a pal were walking down a path which led to a road we were about to cross. About 50 yards away from it and this absolute shiter of a car chugged down the road in front of us. Proper pre A reg rustbucket, exhaust fumes everywhere.

‘There’s yer da’s motor’, said I.

My pal laughed for about two hours solid. Not even joking. He’d had some hash but it was ridiculous. I ended up going home.


I have another 205 story with the same lads in the motor.

I used to go fishing and I used to be a fairly dirty, careless young man.

Anyway we were hooning about and then the Babylon started following us so Dave shoved his hash between the seats. We got pulled over after a mile or two and then they asked us to get out and started searching the car. Fortunately I had, unknown to myself, had a maggot spillage a few days earlier. The police lifted the boot lining and there were a load of sluggish maggots and a load that had turned into casters. They were so horrified the search was immediately aborted.

But I did get loads of really dopey flies hatching in my car over the coming days.

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You had to be there.

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Was that pre A reg car actually Balonz in his 205?

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Mine was a G reg (1989).