You have $15 dollars sterling to make a sandwich

What sandwich would you get in this shop that’s apparently centred in the middle of a WH Smiths in Monaco?

Think I’d go hoagie, avo, heirloom toms, red peppers, onion, cucumbers.

why do i like these so much

It’s because they offer a world of possibility but still give you the rules and structure that you crave


Roll ($3)
Roast Beef ($4)
Cheddar ($3)
Onion ($1)
Spicy Brown Mustard ($3)

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1x lettuce
14x mayonnaise


Don’t fancy any of those fillings tbqfh so I’ll take five plain hoagies, please.

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I think it’s just an easy way to create conflicts based on arbitrary tastes, but lets say both

none of these things are priced correctly we can get that out of the way now

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Baguette + roast beef + swiss cheese + mayo + lettuce + onions + cucumber

And a KitKat and a Dr Pepper please. I assume there’s a separate budget for add-ons.

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I think that you are a free spirit and a very cool guy so its nice for you to spend some time on “the other side”. This is your window into a world you shun, it reminds you of what makes you feel most alive by offering a glimpse of what sends you to sleep.

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yep roughly $34 for a coke


Hoogie roll please

Hoogie roll with fresh mozzarella, mortadella, yellow mustard and mayo. Will use the remaining dollar as a napkin.

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Hoagie roll $3
Roast beef $4
Beefsteak tomato $2
Mayo $1
Oil and Vinegar $1
Cheddar $3
Mozarella $5

$19. fucks sake.

i like rye bread but what there goes with it

the ham maybe?

please remove $4

Tofu, mustard, cheeky fried egg

Remove Mozarella and add shredded lettuce (this was supposed to be on there anyway so I’m glad this happened)

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you’re simultaneously lauded and barred

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Baguette, rye bread, hoogie roll, wonder bread, chopped onion