You have 24 hours


To get reasonably good at something from knowing little to nothing about it. What do you think you could teach yourself in this time? I’m going with yoga.

I am

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I think I could teach myself something like Netrunner.

I’m usually pretty good at that kind of thing if I can be bothered.


It is my genuine belief that anybody on the planet could become a world champion at Snooker if they wanted to, it’s all about practice innit


Plus it’s piss for thickos. I’ll get to grand master level in six hours.


It’s definitely not.





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Maybe how to play the drums, too.


Haha, no.




The drums

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Horse whispering

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I mean you could ‘play’ them, but you’d be shit.


I don’t mean MASTER something in 24 hours, I mean get to a reasonable degree of competence




Still wrong.



Oh, I’m not talking like Davey-boy Grohl level here, but it’s basically like playing a piano with only seven keys or something, so can’t be that hard.


Stop terrorists that are planning to assassinate a presidential candidate and rescue your wife and daughter from kidnappers without being able to trust anyone.

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Do you possess the self discipline to do this sort of thing?

  • I do
  • I do not

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American football kicker

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