You have 24 hours

I would say anything musical is an issue here.

It is too my genuine belief!

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Ukelele or recorder prob doable

Good shouts these. Not sure I’d be able to cope with being exposed to up to 24 hours of the uke though

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  • Correct. Easy
  • Wrong

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Snooker’s actually really hard to learn properly. You need to be quite supple for a start. First proper lessons i had were simply being taught stance, and it was hard as fuck and i ached for days. Any sort of back or neck injury and it’s virtually impossible.

Obviously some players wear glasses but you’re generally relying on sound eyesight as well. I struggled to change between short and long vision and getting a good idea of range is quite tough.

(Appreciate you’re joking, like).

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Trick question, mastering the uke is learning to destroy every one you encounter

  • Correct. Easy.
  • Impossible.

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I used to teach a girl who refused to be able to ‘strum’. Like, I’d show her chord shapes, and just say strum that, and she couldn’t get her head around the concept. Also taught people with no rhythm, etc. You can’t teach/learn that shit.

A guy in my band is excellent at the flute (grade 8), but can he shake semiquavers on a tambourine? Can he fuck.

On a separate point I think physical limitations could stop a few of these. 24 hours of ukelele practice would get you half decent, but you wouldn’t want to do it in one go. You’d shave your fingers off. Similar for drumming (but with hurty arms and back instead of shavy fingers).

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Oh no, being a percussionist is a lot tougher than being a drummer. I’d need 48 hours to master that.

Yes, but not exactly musical.

But it’s all “learnable” as opposed to being an innate God-given ability right? (Appreciate that there are obviously snooker players with God-given natural ability also)

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If you’ve got a better idea of how to alert people to dinner then I’d like to hear it.


  • It’s 4 strings more like 24 minutes
  • Takes years to slap

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Can’t help but feel this thread is going to rile me :rofl:

I love this idea.

Bass guitars pretty much play themselves, same with keyboards, just a bunch of buttons innit.

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It’s like the fun bit of architecture without all the difficult technical stuff.

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