You have a colleague who pretty obviously thinks you're an idiot


Do you:

  • Ignore it because fuck it, you know you’re not
  • Desperately try to prove to them that you’re not an idiot
  • Kill Jester
  • check inventory

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Ignore it but probably actually tend to do a bit of b)


I wish a but generally b


Ignore. The only people who try to appear clever are generally those who aren’t.


I’d say option A but if they’re going too far then I’d go with Option E - privately confront. Thankfully I’ve never felt the need to do that so far.

Did once bollock someone in public who made out I was thick which I do regret because a) it was in public b) they’re in a management position far higher than I am. Not that the latter matters really, they still deserved it.


I was publicly and privately humiliated this week at work by someone wanting to prove to everyone that I’m an idiot (I’m not) and that I’d made a mistake (I hadn’t) despite the fact that what I was doing was as a favour and in no relation to my job whatsoever.

So I left work crying and haven’t been back. Oops.

Being in a support role is so fucking frustrating because people ask for your help and advice all the time and you give it to them and then they don’t like the answer. Normally results in me saying to them “well don’t ask me in future”.
2 weeks ago, someone wasted 15 minutes of my time explaining something to them and then immediately turned around to someone else (in front of me) and asked them the same question, hoping their answer/explanation would suit them more :rolling_eyes:


pretty sure many people at work think I’m an idiot. so long as I get paid at the end of the month I couldn’t give a fuck.


it’s the equivalent of asking dad when mum says no - but that’s kinda funny whereas this is a totally inappropriate thing to do at work


Whose more stupid the idiot or the person who pays that idiot to work for them!


makes you think dunnit.


Fire them! :wink:


I have this except it’s the MD who thinks i’m an idiot!

so i do (e)

(e) whenever he asks me to do anything i either don’t do it or do it really badly.


a little from column a, a little fro column b. depends how fit they are mainly.


checking inventory so hard atm


not me, I’m an idiot


that sounds fucking shite and I hope people like that get their comeuppance (took me 8 attempts to spell that correctly)


Look up some facts about Dostoevsky and blow them away.


Gonna whinge about something in here but there’s an obvious joke reply in it for you. If in London, you speak with anything other than “no” accent, your opinions and answers automatically carry less weight. It’s quite annoying. I can only imagine how it must be for people who have very exotic (i.e. across the English Channel) cope with it.


There’s someone who seems to think everyone’s an idiot. I think he’s a dick


Just laugh in his stupid face