You have space for one luxury kitchen appliance between two

The greatest kitchen appliance of all is the two slice toastie machine.

Tell you what, it was about this time last year that I cried in a Dunelm Mill because I was buying a four slice mint green toaster and I felt like I’d “made it”

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  • One of those boiling water taps
  • Chest freezer

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Your looking at 25 minutes+ for a ready meal and what, an hour for a baked spud rather than 5 or 6 minutes.

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I’d get a lot more from not washing up several times a day than having a microwave for the occasions I need to heat up a ready meal quicker than an over can manage

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Oven baked spuds are infinitely superior though tbf


Yeah, but a baked potato is bottom tier food in any case.

  • Rice cooker
  • Slow cooker

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I suppose if you’ve got kids and/or create lots of washing up for some reason, a dishwasher is useful.

So why are you worried!? :smiley:

‘I never eat them and don’t like them, but they would take ages’

I live alone and just pure fucking hate washing up. I love cleaning, but washing up is the one I hate.

I’d like both. I picked microwave because I’ve already got one, never not had one and I’m just accustomed to it. Maybe i should have put dishwasher. Dishwashers are still quite a lot of work though, i reckon they’re not as much quicker than washing up by hand as you think, once you take into account rinsing/loading/unloading and hand washing stuff that doesn’t fit or comes out still dirty.


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  • Breville toastie maker
  • One of those toasters with the little egg or beans compartment

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This is the most shocking one so far to me. I thought rice cooker would absolutely kill this

Can’t put mulled wine in a rice cooker


Slow cookers are really good though


In my sleep I grind my meat

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I have one, they’re handy for sure; just rice cookers are game changers when it comes to consuming rice!

But you can put it in a saucepan!

Love your commitment to Xmas boozing though.

‘Do a lot of slow cooking?’


‘Oh, what is it for?’

‘One month of hot wine’


Slow cookers are game changers when it comes to slow cooking stuff!