You have space for one luxury kitchen appliance between two


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Slow cookers were dead to me once people said, oh yeah you need to fry onions etc first for the best flavour. Might as well just cook it all in that pot then :person_shrugging:

Plus everything just tasted a bit like slow cooker.

Hate going away with no dishwasher. Amazing the glasses, plates, pans, mugs etc 4 people get through…then it doesn’t all fit on the drainer etc. It’s the best kitchen time saver and mess clearer.

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Pouch of rice in the microwave. Job done.

Ideal to go with whatever has been going in the slow cooker all day.

  • Panini press
  • Ice cream machine

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  • Air fryer
  • Tumble dryer

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I race against the kettle when unloading. It’s tense.


A tumble dryer is hardly a kitchen appliance you weirdo.

@marckee to thread

Have you seen those like ready made poached eggs you can microwave they sell in the coop?

Feel slightly I’ll whenever I think of them

‘Just popping some potatoes in the tumble dryer’

Oh, but a really hot tap is??


You can cook lasagnes in dishwashers!!

Cool. That’s not a tumble dryer though?

It’s similar. Same family.

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Kitchen appliances
  • Dishwasher
  • Instant boiling tap
  • Tumble Dryer

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Perfect amount of perfectly cooked rice every time.

Ffs @urbanfox

Put our rice differences aside and vote for truth

I’ve always been a huge fan of @urbanfox

A real truth speaker x

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Sorry, I’m with kermit here - Tumble dryer/washing machine/dishwasher are all siblings. Fridge/freezer are their cousins.

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Dishwasher is the cousin who married the fridge.