You have the astonishing – albeit severely limited – power to erase one song from history


But which?

see ya.


That’s one of the few good ones.


Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. I don’t care what the bootcut jeans and Formula One crowd adopt instead but it’ll be better than this.


There are a few pop songs that are actually evil in their intent, but I have removed them from my brain. I think I’ll choose this one because the writer has admitted it’s meaningless.


come on


Fairytale of New York

Not the worst song ever but so ubiquitous and evitable all December long that those opening bars make me feel tired each time they start. And I think I have to fucking sit through this again now.

Would be amazing to go though a Christmas without it. See also: All other Christmas songs



Radio fucking Gaga


Don’t Stop Believing - Journey :mask: :mask: :mask:


God save the queen

The national anthem one not the sex pistols one


Pure Shores by All Saints.

Think it was massively overplayed on the radio during my finals and I just can’t bear it.


Never got the hate for that 4 Non Blondes song. But then, most of the songs mentioned so far are lovely. It takes all sorts and all that.

I was going to say something like Scouting For Girls or Kate Nash or The Wombats, but I think instead I’ll erase Sweet Home Alabama.

It would have a wonderful knock-on effect. Erase Sweet Home Alabama, and suddenly:

  • Neil Young’s Southern Man isn’t undermined by the devastating counter argument that “the skies are so blue”
  • Kid Rock doesn’t release that even worse song that samples it
  • The worst bits from 8 Mile and Con Air cease to exist
  • Less Confederate imagery on those channels that play classic rock videos all day

Win, win, win, win.


I’d erase that one with the amen break, just to see what happens


Bohemian Rhapsody

Come on guys, if we all chip in we can eradicate the entire Queen discography here.


Unexpected assault on the Queen back catalogue happening here. hovers over button to remove everyone’s powers


It’s a fucken tune mate


Extremely well made case


Haha xylophone likes queen get him!


Sounds like a cryptic crossword clue


Can we Queen fans put together an argument that it’s Problematic to dislike them?